Commercial SPACES

We believe that the future of eCommerce will be in metaverse spaces where vendors can showcase their products in an interactive, virtual reality, immersive environment. Similar to the immergence of the “world wide web” in the 1980s, few imagined that it would grow to account for 21 % of all retail purchases, by 2022. With metaverse real estate, we are once again at the ground floor of a unique and revolutionary opportunity. Shibaverse intends to be at the forefront of this next evolution of online commerce.


If you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate in Genesis or ShibaSwap district of Shibaverse, for a business, crypto community or other social organization or activity, please understand that as we are a child-friendly metaverse environment. Not all ventures and ideas may fit within our ethos.

Please tell us about yourself. Include contact information, describe your business or venture, and explain why you believe it would be a good fit for our metaverse.

Looking forward to discussing with you your vision and ideas. Keep in mind that real estate prices are set relative to location and market conditions, and include a design fee per your specific requirements.