As members of the Shiba Inu community, we have committed ourselves to promoting our ecosystem not just through our words but by our actions. Our first burn of 150,000,000 SHIB has been noticed and covered in the media, thus bringing more attention to the SHIBA INU ecosystem.

To encourage the Shiba Inu community to support these efforts to voluntary burn SHIB, we want to reward them through a raffle giveaway of $VERSE tokens and Shibaverse NFTs.

The whole drawing process is hardcoded into the solidity smart contract. Therefore unlike many lotteries on social media, there is no way to cheat it. The raffle algorithm is available for everyone to see on-chain and is immutable. Each drawing is logged in the form of the event on the Ethereum mainnet and stays there forever. Once the raffle becomes active there is no way of changing the reward amounts or repeating the drawing.
Joining the raffle is free of charge. Shibaverse does not charge any fees or take any commission. The only condition for being eligible is to burn at least 1 000 000 SHIB tokens (approx 10$).
The number of participants in each raffle is limited to 100 people. For the first raffle, we prepared 5 rewards. That means each of the participants has between a 5 and 100 percent chance of winning depending on the number of participants (assuming the equal number of SHIB burnt by each participant).
For the first raffle, we prepared 300,000 VERSE tokens and two of our Shiballoon NFTs resulting in a reward pool value exceeding $1500.
Although we are in the middle of the first raffle more than 100 000 000 SHIB tokens have been already voluntarily burnt by the participants.
In gratitude to our participants for supporting the Shiba ecosystem, we want to give them a realistic and fair chance of winning. That is why we limited the number of participants to 100. Even if this number is not reached we do not decrease the reward pool and the chance of winning grows.

Read the rules

To participate in the raffle the minimum amount to burn is 1 000 000 SHIB (about $10 value). The number of tickets a participant gets depends on the number of SHIB burnt (the more you burn, the higher your chance of winning). The raffle will take place approximately once a month.

How Shibaverse Burn Raffle works:

The Sibaverse raffle contract collects SHIBA tokens from participants and burns them via an official burn contract published on In return, the raffle contract receives and sends back to participant burntSHIB. BurntSHIB is a receipt of your burning and according to SHIBA Inu developers may generate you an additional passive income. Go to for more information.

The raffle contract randomly draws winners and distributes VERSE rewards to the raffle winners. Winners do not win the same amount of VERSE. The first raffle winner receives the most, and the last receive the least.

The raffle contract also draws winners that will receive Shibaverse NFT rewards.

If you do not have sufficient amount of SHIB in your wallet you can choose the option “Buy and participate”. The contract will automatically swap the selected amount of ETH tokens into SHIB tokens and will burn them. The swap is made via exchange.

Shibaverse does not charge any fees for participation in the raffle and provides VERSE and NFT rewards including network fees for distribution to the winning wallets (winners do not need to claim rewards).

The raffle contract keeps track of all participants and burns amounts as there may be additional benefits in the future for raffle participants.

Contribute to reward pool

We invite community groups or projects to fill the common reward pool for raffles in the coming months..
The drawing algorithm is coded into a smart contract - cannot be cheated, can be verified on-chain!
Contact @shibalution or @shannonsheriff via telegram to discuss the details.

Support and share

Apart from participation in the raffle the best way you can support the communities efforts to burn SHIB is by sharing this link: