why shiba inu burn ?

As members of the Shiba Inu community, we have committed ourselves to promote our ecosystem not just by our words but through our actions.

As the first metaverse being built by and for the Shiba Inu community, we decided to commit 5% of our income from newly minted NFTs to a buyback and burn of SHIB tokens.

We believe SHIB to be the main token of the ecosystem, all other tokens in the ecosystem (or related to it) should directly increase the value of SHIB, and not dilute it.

Our first burn of 150,000,000 SHIB was noticed and covered in the media, thus bringing more attention to the SHIBA ecosystem.

To encourage the Shiba Inu community to support these efforts and voluntary burn SHIB we want to reward them through a lottery giveaway of $VERSE tokens and our NFTs. Read more about the lottery.

You can support the communities efforts to burn SHIB by sharing this website.

Hopefully, more and more projects will follow our lead! Together we grow!