starts on

30th November


NFT 2.0 marketplace
Play2earn gaming
VR experience and virtual walks
Verse token market buyback and burn
Virtual shops
Freelance job opportunities
Defi tools utilizing Shiba ecosystem
Interactive educational tracks

Your Shiballoons

Owning a Shiballoon NFT will allow you to participate in different features of the Shibaverse metaverse. These will include community events, gaming challenges, and even taking payable jobs in the development of our metaverse. And as a parent, you will be able to take part with your child in Shiba Academy educational track courses.

All Shibas will be unique. They will have their own appearance, skills, strengths and weaknesses. They will grow, need your care, and in time can even learn new skills.

You can own many Shibas. A male and a female placed together in a Shibaverse real estate apartment will reproduce and have puppies. They will randomly inherit their parents’ characteristics. As time passes they may also have their own offspring.

Your Real Estate

Each piece of land, apartment, or house will be a blockchain NFT and can be bought, sold, or loaned in a secure and trustless way. Depending on the district, location, or size, it will continue to grow in value as the popularity of the platform increases.

Owning a property will enable your Shibas to have puppies, and this will offer financial opportunities for the owner. After the first generation of Shibas, new Shibas will only come from breeding. So the original parents will be considered rare assets. The bigger your property the more Shiba couples you will be able to breed, and the more puppies your Shibas will be able to have at one time.

As an inhabitant of our metaverse, you will be able to place your art in our marketplace for sale or auction. In later stages of metaverse development, your space can be uniquely designed and rendered in VR. You can place your NFT art in your space and invite potential buyers to visit. This feature may take some time for us to develop.


Your Shiba will not simply be a 2-dimensional image. As an animated living creature, it will be required to take part in games and competitions. And through the creativity of the Shiba Inu community, we plan on participating together in creating many new and exciting gaming scenarios for our Shibas.

Each Shiba will have its individual strengths and weaknesses. Some will perform better than others depending on the task. They will also be able to participate in teams.

If your Shiba wins a game, you will be rewarded in VERSE, as VERSE will also be required to play. But please note that no Shibas will ever be harmed during the course of gaming activities.


VERSE token is the native utility ERC-20 token for Shibaverse. VERSE will be necessary for purchasing real estate, land, special edition Shiballoons, and renting commercial spaces. It will be used as payment for freelance jobs, as well as for payment as Play2Earn gaming rewards.


Each time newly minted real estate or Shiballoons are sold, users will have to buy VERSE to pay for the NFT property. These tokens will not come back to the market directly, but will be used in the following way: Some will be divided among stakers, some will go to the project development fund, some will be donated to a children’s charity, and some will be burnt to forever decrease the circulating supply. Finally, some tokens will be used to buy back and burn Shib in order to support the Shiba community.

Token Distribution

Shibaverse is a community project, so for that reason 100% of the circulating supply goes back to the community. No VC’s or seed investors dumping the price!


Token Ticker


Total Supply


Initial Circulating Supply


Reserved Supply
(Staking rewards, liquidity mining,
game incentives, airdrops)


Project concept, tokenomics & business model design; domain registration (Aug 9th, 2021), Website design, and launc; Team creation & Token generation event (Aug 19th, 2021); adding liquidity pools to Shibaswap and Uniswap; liquidity burn to Shibaswap & Locking Rewards wallet to Unicrypt; activating Social Media channels; Coingecko & CoinMarketCap listing; building community awareness & Activating social channels; Smart contract architecture planning; deploying initial marketing & competitions; Genesis district detailed sketches and descriptions; writing up Documentation/Whitepaper; finalizing all foundations & ideas prior to Q4.

Purchase of rendering hardware and software licenses; deploying marketing & competitions; Genesis district modeling; Genesis district renderings and movie trailers; Genesis district first VR tours; interiors modeling, renderings, VR tours; holders and liquidity providers snapshot; platform code and smart contracts development.

Initial launch of Genesis district (without blockchain functions); Genesis district commercial spaces sale; Shiba balloon dog and real estate NFT airdrop; Shiba Swap district design and property sale; Shiba Academy building design; platform integration with blockchain; birth of first puppies; first freelance job offerings for the community.

NFT marketplace for Shibaverse assets; first Play2Earn elements; NFT VR galleries for creators; VR walks across Shibacity, Shiba Academy interactive courses.

NFT accessories implementation; Play2Earn games; marketplace for user NFTs.